Where regular folks can enjoy great food

It was a random search I made for a good restaurant where I could bring my family to since my current job gave me a good bonus and I wanted us to enjoy the food this time since it has been a while we ate out as a whole family. There was this link I found online that said Click HerE and it would lead me to the best family restaurant in Pasadena, and it led me straight to their website. This was really one of the best things I have found so far, and let me tell you why.
When we first arrived in SF Grill as a whole family, It was so easy to adapt to it since it was a fast casual dining restaurant. But do not get me wrong, it is not a fast food restaurant since the food here gets cooked only as you order from it. But the ambiance itself was really great, and I could see that there were a lot of families and groups also dining in here. It was not a classy restaurant where you have to be prim and proper. Here you can have fun, be loud with all your stories, and nobody will mind you. When we checked out the menu, there were so many choices to choose from, and it will really be a headache to choose what you want from among them. I could see the reason why it is a family restaurant because in the menu, I could even find kiddie meals in there that would make things much more simpler especially since I have two kids in tow, one 5 years and one 7 years old. They agreed that they wanted the kiddie meals, and it made my wife smile knowing she does not have to go through the trouble of choosing which meals for them to eat.
More than the choices of food, I saw that the other people were really enjoying their meals and the portions were really big. I knew then that value for money is what makes this restaurant so great too, aside from the fact that their food tastes so great too when we finally got to the eating part. Oh, and in that eating part, I forgot to mention that this is one of the best food that we have eaten in a very long time. And considering this is a grill restaurant, I never would have expected such fine taste in their food. You can taste everything is fresh, and the combination of flavors is just so good that no wonder it has won awards already like the best American restaurant and the best family restaurant as per the Daily News of California.
That family meal we had was one fine experience, and now even if I do not have any bonuses or extras from work, as long as we can afford it, we will be coming back to SF Grill because it really is one of the best family restaurants here and one which regular folks like us could definitely afford to eat in.