use more alpha male pheromones

I believe Garrett’s suggestion to use more alpha male pheromones has contributed to my latest motivation to learn how to attract women so I can make enough money and move out of my house. I was talking to my mom and I began to notice her body language and her tone of voice towards me and it seems like she just regards me as an idiot, or someone who exists only to do stuff for her when she needs it. She seemed legitimately disgusted with my pheromone spray and it made me feel terrible that the only woman who could offer me anything close to unconditional love wants nothing to do with me. Ironically my mom seems to be the person who is helping me swallow and integrate the red pill into my daily life. Who would have thought right about his pheromone concentration? Learn more at and enough, I’m not angry with her or very saddened by it. I have some idea that I should be angry or sad, but the actual emotions are missing and I know for sure that they’re not hiding out somewhere without human pheromones. Also my releasing of pheromone oil has made me very, very comfortable with farting and pooping. There was a lot of shame around that but now I just do it absolutely everywhere I can. I guess it’s like when a river is dammed up, once you break the dam everything comes out. Thats kind of like my butthole right now. I’ve been spraying everything in sight and I feel a lot more comfortable being smelly of androstenone. Of course I’m going to balance everything out later, but for now its quite enjoyable not being tense. This was a neck and shoulders session. Once the session was finished, during the You Meditation I remember imagining girls coming up and approaching me for my number and getting a new pheromone like it was quite natural (it wasn’t before). After the session: I’ve noticed that its very easy for me to talk when I’m around others and I’m relaxed with my pheromone perfume. I’ve found it increasingly easy to enter a state of flow and that my experiences with reading and talking to others can be very, very immersive for me. I’ve managed to get a lot of work done the days after this session and I’ve begun to use the You Meditation and Face Stretching a bit more consistently since this session. I’m experiencing cognitive pheromones dissonance a lot too which usually ends in me rationalizing my new, more alpha behavior. I find myself automatically doing the things I should be doing without much effort and it makes me feel weird. Like I talked about in the description of myself after my 3rd session, I have this idea of who I should be, or who I am, more than an actual experience of being myself and I’m finally seeing the difference in pheromones. I’ve found Pherazone to deliver good results, like making my very dark pupils more brown without them needing sunlight and Rosewater to just make my eyes very shiny and the deliver the added benefit of keeping them moisturized. I didn’t even know how dry my eyes were until I started using this but its been a good help. Learn more at