Trying to start an event design/party planning business

I want to start my own event design business…I have a great love for crafting, creativity and celebrating! This site is a God-send:) How happy was I when I discovered it on Grey Grey Design….beautiful work, btw. I am wondering how you all brought your business to fruition…from getting the client, how you set your fee, and everything in between. I feel really disorganized in my thought process, I have so many ideas swirling! I would love any help!

I am so glad that you are here. Not to fear you have found the right place. The ladies here are so very helpful. I would encourage you to take a bit of time and read some of the previous post that will help answer a lot of your questions. By no means am I a expert on this perhaps you might want to sit down and really thing about what it is you want to do. What service or services do you want to offer? There have been several different post on topics that you have mention. It will take you a little time to get this all together but once you do, you will certainly be on your way. I hope this help and I am sure one with a bit more info will be along soon.

I am primarily wanting to do children’s parties and showers, and possibly branching out from there (one thing at a time!) I guess I am wondering how people started out…I am thinking to do some parties for friends to get a portfolio built (aside from my own parties) and then officially launching myself/my business. I have read about fees/charges in the forums, but am trying to figure out the best to set a price point for myself and rentals.

Oh my, I am totally thrilled that you mentioned my humble self in this post! :)I think of it as a work in progress all the time. Actually, I come from a facility background, meaning that I planned events in clubs and event locations prior to branching out into my own business. So, I made a lot of connections with vendors that way. Those kinds of connections are very important for getting your name out there.And the more events you do, the more people are exposed to your work, and your business expands from there.I personally work from a set design fee, which covers my ideas, shopping, time, etc.It varies depending on the scale of the party. If I know the budget of the party supplies is under $500 or so, then my fee might be $150. That’s just an example. 20% of the total budget is a good number for your fee, but that’s just my opinion.

I am starting my own party supplies business. I posted a similar post to hers, and have yet to receive a response. Anyhow, I searched the network ‘s discussions, and alas, I found this. Thanks for sharing your tips.

You guys are totally helping me out. I am pleased to say that a few friends are kind enough to let me do their kids’ birthday party so I am excited to have 2-3 parties to “test” my services and figure out details on how long it takes me to plan them out, etc. How long on average do you guys say it takes you to plan a party and then how long generally to set up? I think I have committed to a name for my party supplies business.