Travel Tips To Make It Easy

Once the travel bug bites then life can take you to some interesting places. Seasoned travellers have built great knowledge to make things smoother, cheaper and more enjoyable. Here a some travel tips for your next journey.

Renting a motorcycle at your destination is a lot cheaper than hiring a car. MTS who teach motorcycle training in Sussex say that on average a bike is less than half the cost of a car. It’s also a lot quicker to drive around a city, and on two wheeels you can often go places that 4 wheels can’t. Check the local regulations before you leave, and always wear a helmet (even if you’re not required by law to do so).

Roll your clothes as you’re packing your travel bags. Rolling up your clothes tightly is a more efficient use of space and can actually lead to a reduction in wrinkles. Don’t leave it to the last minute to start packing. Take your time and go through item by item. “Do I really need to pack this?” is a good question to ask yourself. Often we pack things we could easily and cheaply buy at our destination.

Be ruthless when it comes to the weight of your travel bags, especially if you are flying. Often there are punitive charges for the smallest amount of weight over your allowance. Wear as much as you can, without making the journey uncomfortable. If you are taking books, have them in your hand luggage, or better yet take a Kindle or other reading device – this can save a lot of weight and you can download new titles at your holiday resort through the internet.

Look out your frequent flyer program card. You may be entitled to an upgrade which will make your trip much smoother and enjoyable. If you are not part of any scheme then enrol as soon as you can – the miles can add up.

Make sure you know what will happen when you arrive. There’s no point in travelling to a city and finding it closed. Will the museums be open, will you be able to find a restaurant to eat in. This is especially true when travelling to Europe. In Spain, for example, it is very rare, even now, to find shops open on a Sunday.

Shop around for the best price – it may be assumed that the airline will give you the cheapest travel, but often compaarison sites like expedia will have special deals. Don’t assume anything, take your time and hunt well. If you can be flexible on travel dates you can save a considerable amount of money.

Always carry water. Traveling is stressful for the body, especially airline travel where you are subject to conditioned air for the duration of your flight and the time in the airport terminal buildings. Drinking water is vital to help you stay hydrated and maintain your energy levels. Dehydration is also a contributory factor in how severe jetlag can be.

Travelling with children can be magical and can open doors that would othewise remain closed. It does bring special demands, however. Investigate just how child-friendly your destination is. Also make sure that you have plenty of wipes, snacks and entertainment for your children for the duration of the journey. Where possible try to stick to the daily routine for very young children and babies.