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Take care of yourself and your needs outside of the relationship with true pheromones. Don’t expect that an intimate relationship will make you a happy person. You are responsible for your own emotional well-being. Engage in your hobbies, exercise, read, and do whatever else it takes you to be a happy person outside of your relationship first. And then bring that positive energy into your relationship. How To Re-Charge Outside Of Your Relationship Pheromone attraction occurs in the space between two people. It is a common trap many men fall into where they prioritize their girlfriend over everything else in their lives, to the point where their lives start to suffer. Learn about pheromones at aren’t connected to their path or purpose any longer. And they look to their partner to give them a sense of purpose. Which she cannot deliver. She can be your favorite anyone, but not your favorite anything. Make sure that you and your partner have separate time where you are able to re-charge away from each other. Go for a run. Hang out with your guy friends. Join a sports league. Encourage her to have lunch with her sister or close friends. Finally, I want to stress the importance of asking. As introverts, we are very prone to living in our heads. We think more than we do. And we often assume that others think just as much as we do. Unfortunately, even if your partner is also an introvert, they are not a mind reader. If you feel the need to be listened to, or to be held, let your partner know. Let them know your desires in your relationship, without expecting that they “have to” meet those needs and hoping for the best. I am a firm believer that it is easier to get what you want than to keep what you want. Getting into a relationship in the short-term can be simple for some, but it’s maintaining that relationship where introverts really shine. Here are ten things that you can do to play up your introverted strengths and keep your relationship thriving. 1. Make a concerted effort to really hear her on a daily basis. Make her feel heard and understood. Everyone has an innate desire to feel seen. #1 Amazon best-selling author, relationship coach, and jet-setting world traveler, Jordan Gray helps people remove their emotional blocks, and get into (and maintain) thriving intimate relationships. His thoughts on modern dating and relationships have been featured in numerous print publications and on radio and television broadcasts internationally. In his relationship coaching practice, Jordan has worked with thousands of students over the past four years and has more wedding invitations from his former clients than he can keep up with. When he’s not coaching clients or writing new books, Jordan loves to surf without a wetsuit, immerse himself in new cultures, and savor slow motion hang outs with his closest companions. Learn more at and