Pheromones Power

Have you ever had one of those surreal moments where everything was just perfect, even the imperfect stuff? ” I remember yelling and screaming but nothing worked. I think I made my mom’s life hell that day. What are the chances: I fall in love and get my heartbroken all for the first time in one day? I probably would never recognize her if I saw her today and I don’t know her name. But I will always remember what I felt that day and how she was the first girl to ever give me those feelings. Learn more at and

The next part of this is to listen to why pheromones work. You just shared a story that allowed her to feel you, that allowed you to be vulnerable through your emotions. If she starts to share a story from her life or she starts to relate in some way then just listen. This does not mean to think about what she is saying or to analyze what she is saying or even to try to find another story to share while she is talking. Just stop and listen. Remember, she can tell when you are in your head. She will most likely share something from her life that is emotionally related to what you shared. If you are talking about the first time you fell in love, how amazing it felt, and how much it hurt when it ended, she will most likely share a story about loss or love. Women relate on the level of emotions and they will go crazy for a man that can actually listen to them. Now, there is a difference between her constantly blabbing about random stuff and really sharing deep emotions. Some women do love to talk about light, random stuff. These are topics she probably discusses with her girlfriends, and its important to note that this is not what I’m talking about here where your pheromones would actually matter. It’s a real story. I’m not trying to convey anything with it other than how life can be so amazing, but the story can tell you a lot about me. It says a lot about my ability to feel emotions and how I see life. I guarantee that you have tons of great stories from your life that mean something to you. You don’t need to make up stories like some guys do. Notice how 80% of the content of that story focused on emotions. I could edit and change it to make it more technically effective, but why do pheromones only work in humans? I go home thinking about this girl and I’m all excited looking forward to seeing her again. As I walk into my house, my mom pulls me aside and tells me that we are going to be moving right away and that I have to go to another school. I am not telling you to sit all day and listen to whatever random things she wants to talk regarding human pheromones and attraction. I am talking about being aware when the conversation turns deep. This is something you can control and create by sharing slightly deeper and deeper emotions or stories.