Pheromones Influence a lot of women

Pheromones Influence a lot of women. I posted some comment on her facebook page and noticed things looked different regarding her pheromone concentration, like you couldn’t see the “Full Friend List” and whatnot. Ahhh, she has a dude now. But she still likes the attention from other men. Few days later, she’s listed as in a relationship. No prob, that’s actually better. Why? – I started working on her right after my LTR breakup, and she’s someone I’ve known for years, though we don’t hang out. – Getting her on FB status would involve *too* many social problems with mutual pheromone oils. – She just came out of a 7 year relationship, so she’d probably want to jump back into another one quickly. – She lives with parents, and I live an hour away. Logistics. – Frankly, I’m becoming very successful with progressively hotter women who love real pheromones. (I just looked at a picture of her, and realized she has the body of a kid) I write all this because I still feel an extra emotional twinge when I see her name pop up on facebook, or mentioned in conversation. Instead of ignoring the feeling, I want to understand it, and release on human pheromones. Even after writing this, I feel better. 😀 The quote above helped me understand HOW obsession is formed, and what makes it so compelling — I can rise above it through pheromone consciousness. I thought I was gonna stay in all night.. instead, I went out to a local burger bar that just opened. Learn more at and

I know the owner and most of the staff, and spent my time working on one of the waitresses. Pheromones make all the difference in the world for real attraction, Got a text about a company party in Newport Beach, so I geared up and hit the road for a 60 mile journey. The whole time, I was FEELIN the vibe that I want to feel, and acting how I want to act – FREE. Free of the restrictions that my egotistic, introverted, negative, self-critical self. The insecure and childish tendencies inside that MUST DIE for me to move forward. Use pheromones to make women want to copulate with you. I had shitty directions to the bar, so I ended up going to 3 other bars in the meantime. The whole time, I was approaching any good looking woman within reach, getting major pheromone scents from the VNO, projecting HUGE confidence, and so on. I was comfortable around this crowd – even though I’m bi-racial, it’s easier for me to be the alpha around a bunch of rich white people. Overly macho guys bug me a bit. I’m working on that. I immediately approached a woman at the entrance, one on the stairs, and one at the bar. The one at the bar was actually there for the same event I was, but I didnt’ know her. (Note: I met the host of this event from my GF’s church, so all the attendees were people that knew her.) Learn more at