Pheromones give you the advantage.

Pheromones give you the advantage. Get ballsy by taking control of his. It is a matter of personal preference — some men hate having their testicles stimulated, while others love it — but it’s worth trying. So often they’re left shyly back there, while the star of the show, his penis, gets all the attention and affection. MAKE HER REVEAL HERSELF What’s your biggest turn-off? What’s your biggest turn—on? Who’s someone you really look up to and admire? Why? What’s your favorite kind of sex? Why? If you were going to become really close friends with somebody, what are two things you would want them to know? What do you value most in somebody you’re sleeping with? If you could make out with someone for 3 minutes and no one would ever find out, who would it be? Why them? When’s the last time you were really jealous? Why? What’s it like when you really trust somebody? When’s the last time you did something for yourself that was outside your comfort zone of true pheromones? COLD READS Have you ever seen a magician or a mentalist? They call someone out from the crowd and figure out exactly what they are thinking about. It seems like they have some sort of magical powers, but that’s not actually the case. Learn more at have simply mastered a technique called the cold read. This is where you make guesses about people and following a formula, they reveal everything about themselves but think you did it. You don’t need to learn the complicated version. There is a simple formula that you can learn in ten seconds. But you have this positive and Want to make them. The idea here is, when you “label” a person and get them to agree with the label, they will want to act in a way that is consistent with the label. You can make them act even more consistent when you get them to repeatedly agree with the label with these pheromones. If you give her an amazing orgasm she will want to give you two. Then you give her three, and it just keeps getting better and better. You know that the first part of leadership is guiding her into the bedroom and taking your clothes off. We usually get that signal about ten minutes after she starts sending it, so you have ten minutes or less left before you have to kiss her. If you wait too long she goes into ego-protection mode. Here is her thought process: Maybe he should kiss me. I want him to kiss me. I wonder if he’s ever going to kiss me. E Maybe he doesn’t want to kiss me? When you want to move a woman around the venue, don’t ask her for permission, just say, “Let’s go sit over there because I can hear you better.” Then take her wrist and lead her to the couches or whatever. How do you think that she feels in that moment? We can build a new ladder in the bedroom that gives us total control and total rapport. There are three simple rules for this ladder. Learn more at