Pheromone Routines

Actively pursue other interests and social circles where higher-quality people congregate and get together. BONUS RULE #7 – Routine Just as a quick bonus rule, understand that desirable men become desirable because they develop routines with pheromones. Following the six important rules in this chapter requires that you have a routine. This is what all successful men do. This is not to say that you can’t break your routine – have a drunken; night out on the town, for example, and do something spontaneous the next day with human pheromones. But, as a rule of thumb, 90% of your life should follow a beneficial routine while 10% should leave caution to the wind. I like to think about this on a per-month basis. If there are usually 31 days in a month, ten percent of that is 3 days. That’s three days out of the money where you break your cycle and routine to do whatever it is you want to do. However, the overwhelming amount of time, you need to get a solid cycle down. Just as an example cycle – you wake up early at 5:30 AM, meditate, read for thirty minutes, hit the gym for an hour, head to work, then afterwards maybe you go on some after-work activity with co-workers or friends or perhaps you go indulge in a hobby such as an evening cooking class. In any case, you head home at a decent hour, you prepare your food for the next day, and you go to bed in enough time that you’ll get 8 hours of sleep. Strong, desirable men are that way because they have solid routines that keep their mind and body sharp and healthy. You can choose to go out on the weekends and pickup girls with natural pheromones like Pherazone. Don’t have anything to do Saturday afternoon? Learn more at and if you can volunteer in a soup kitchen, cleanup crew, animal shelter, or anything else that you can find. The perfect hobbies are not just going to find you – you have to go out and look for them. Part of being a desirable male is placing yourself in new, interesting, and challenging situations. RULE #5 – Clothes Make the Man Do you know how to dress like an attractive, desirable male? This seems to have become something that men in general, all throughout the US especially, have just plains topped caring about. You see guys trying to hit on girls at the bar dressed in a ratty baseball cap, generic polo shirt, cargo shorts, and sneakers. They look like they are about to mow their lawn. Dressing well as a man doesn’t mean dressing up, necessarily. It doesn’t mean walking around in a three-piece suit or anything like that. Dressing well as a man means being subtle – belts matching shoes, colors repeating, and clothes fitting well for your body type. That’s about it. For a man, it’s about practical value and style, not flash. This means your shoes and your belt are real leather. This means that your collar, button-down shirt is fitted or tailored. This means your watch is subtle, but complimentary. This means you don’t wear boring white or black socks with your shoes, but choose argyle patterns that fit with the other colors you’re sporting. Learn more at