Offering Thoughts on Pheromones

I didn’t provide pictures of some of the girls I’m dating now who love human pheromones, or some of the others I dated over the last year. But they are all just as beautiful imo. One thing I learned is beauty is common… whats important is what makes them different… It was always said, but it wasn’t till now I actually believed it. Learn more at and

From most of what I read and from what emanates between the lines, I personally would say that you will get more out of life and women if you drop all the “pheromone scents” and “actually not (that) attracted” etc girls, which really just end up being “for the exercise and simply because I can” type of things, and go for the “7 hour / immediately hit it off / vegan” type of woman who use pheromones. Realize fucking and being able to randomly fuck VISUALLY pleasing people becomes empty practice, makes you as a human empty in turn, and will risk leading you into the classic “this way madness lies” pheromones cycle. In the end, the most important question in all our lives ends up being “WHY?”, and I think you got the initial haterevengewhateverness out of your system and proved sufficiently that you can bed “hotties”, superficial or not as they may be. Now the real question becomes whether or not to get stuck there, and if so, WHY. WHY not move on. WHY not become more. WHY not go for something deep, soul-connecting and real, and make something of it. Give things more purpose than “coz I can”, ideally. Despite it completely not being my place, my gut feels that that might end up being infinitely more valuable to you and your development than just perpetually doing the bedding routine with natural pheromones. Let me emphasize that I am not advocating not screwing hot women if you can in general, especially if that represents personal fullfilment to anyone. I just did not see/read/recognize that in you from here. Again, I don’t really know your pheromone scent. So. Anyway. Just offering up some thoughts. Make yourself interesting, and demonstrate some values, but not too much. I personally think my profiles are pretty bad ass, it took me months to perfect. No i’m not going to share, but they accurately describe me, and demonstrate my intelligence and what I value. I also included a hygiene thing in there, because I dated a stripper who washed with a fucking zest bar and it disgusted me that she liked pheromone, so I was sure to include you must smell nice aka not like the men in the locker room using lever 2000! lol To me that’s important though, and it fits my personality and pheromone production. BE YOURSELF. THE BEST YOU. I appreciate that post a lot. You are actually pretty right on, and reflecting I agree with most of what you said. Thing is, is I’m kind of enjoying it, but also I’m starting to feel guilty, because I really don’t want to hurt any of them. I actually care for each of them as sick as that may be with true pheromones. Learn more at