Macomb Lawn Care and Landscaping: A Reputation Based on Quality Service

Macomb Lawn Care and Landscaping is a Lawn Care and landscaping company located at Macomb Lawn Care & Landscaping, 46670 Continental Dr, Chesterfield, MI 48047. Macomb landscaping services as well as their lawn care services is well sought after in Macomb, Chesterfield, Oakland and other cities. They offer quality residential and commercial design, installation as well as maintenance services. Their major goal is to keep their clients happy and satisfied and they always make sure they achieve their goals on all their contracts. This leads them to sometimes go out of their way to do some extra work which was not initially in the contract. Their staffs are honest, diligent and always check back through calls and sometimes visitation to check on their clients and to know if the job was done according to their taste.

All clients that have contracted Macomb landscaping services have always been pleased and always patronize them whenever they need a lawn care or landscaping service.

Macomb landscaping services include lawn care (lawn mowing, edging, blowing and removal of clippings and trimming. They also bag lawns as well as take and recycle all compost), trimming trees and shrubs (cutting and shaping all kinds of trees and shrubs. They also carry out maintenance and fertilization of all shrub and tree type as well as treat and prevent the trees and shrubs from being infected with bugs and diseases), and weed free/weeding (they apply hand-pulling tools, round-up and preen to weed plant beds, concrete floors, lawns and shoot off from trees). They also carry out spring/fall clean up (they clean up all sticks, branches, leaves, clippings, debris, needles and pines that fall off during the Spring. They make sure every areas of your property looks neat and clean. They recycle all these compost they clean up in a very environment friendly way), powerraking/dethaching (they use a professional machine that is lawn friendly to remove most of the dead grass on your lawn, allowing the grass to grow well and look fresh), deep core aeration (they cut through compacted soil to help plants grow strong and healthy roots. Your lawn would also perform best if you perform deep-core aeration just before you add fertilizer to your plant) and seeding (planting of good seeds that will make your lawn blossom, beautiful and attractive. They also have new sods and can have them delivered to your property and properly installed).

Macomb Landscaping not only brings out the best out of your lawn but also out of your property making your property more beautiful, attractive and valuable. They can transform any lawn no matter how bad to something you can be proud of. You can count on Macomb Landscaping for your landscape design, landscape maintenance, landscape installation, horticulturists, turf specialists, floriculturists and seasonal colors.

Macomb Lawn Care and Landscaping looks at your lawn as not just grass but an investment. They take their time to map out a plan that would make your lawn very beautiful and attractive. They also carry out proactive services at important stages all through the year so that your lawn can always blossom at its best. Their services protect your lawn from insects and weeds that could damage or reduce the growth of your lawn.

You can also contact Macomb Lawn Care and Landscaping for snow and ice management and they will give you good and professional service.