LED light and lightning technology

It was one of the first proposals that have been received this year for the participatory budget in the WN by Email ” . Conversion of downtown lighting to LED technology ” could Conserving the city twice: On power consumption and maintenance costs of the modern lamp technology . Tentatively were already set up some of the energy-saving lighting donor. However, from a nationwide exchange are Steinfurter still far away
Other cities are already progressed . Norderney Island , for example. Or Lippstadt . With the widespread exchange Lippstadt nationwide without comparison. Four years ago , the city council had decided to tackle this pilot project together with the lighting manufacturer Hella. A mammoth task : In the city , there are 9600 streetlights . The change can of course only be made step by step. So far, 1,000 lanterns have been retrofitted. This year, 216 new LED lights are installed. This will cost around EUR 200 000 . A fifth is subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Environment. Even after eight years, the expenses of the city should be repaid by a 70 percent power savings. The action also does the climate well . Around 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide should be saved annually . Lights once all lanterns with a19 led bulbs, the country’s environment ministry holds annual CO2 savings of 400 tons possible. Minister Remmel expects high: over Germany could be saved annually 2.7 billion kilowatt-hours , when all the municipalities of the new technology served . That would be noticeable on the electricity bills with a total amount of 400 million euros .
As Stefan Overberg explained by the Civil Engineering Department , the LED technology is also long been subject in the county seat. In Heuer country and in the Steintorfeldstrasse Mark , there are already 20 of these lights . The are not yet generating almost 2900 conventional street lamps. The power savings would fall after the account of the Civil Engineering Office not so huge. Stefan Overberg : “We have in the lanterns in which normally two 24-watt bulbs are installed, each one turned out . ” An LED lamp has an output of 23 watts. On Norderney power conservation is , however, estimated at 78 percent.
The fact that long-term , LED technology will also keep in Steinfurt catchment is not a question for Overberg. ” That will come . ” However, the city has been missing the money.