Introducing Songwriter Bob Murphy

Songwriter Bob Murphy is also known as Bobby Lee or Bobby Lee Murphy as these are his stage name that he is popularly known as hails from Rocky Mountains of the Colorado. He was a strong supporter of Christianity and believed that his music was ministry as it is a way of intimately share his faith on stage. His longtime friend Bob O’Neil who was a retired superior court judge, said that Bob was very willing to forgo every stuffs of the world like possessions, money and status for his love for music. The reason for this is that Bob Murphy is more satisfied in joy and happiness that he derived from music as it gave him more happiness. He was a great inspiring songwriter but he was not flamboyant which made him more popular in the given field.
Songwriter Bob Murphy was also a singer and guitarists who made a band called Bob Murphy Band in the year 1999. He recorded Child of God that is a cd but the group dissolved after years but the different members of the group united for performing at various events which also included the fundraisers for the Christian causes. Bob Murphy feels music is an excellent form of prayer that helps him to perform at his best. Moreover, he also feels that his voice was gift from God and thus he was happy to share it with the other people without involving any ego. He was also the director of the religious education at the St. Pius X Catholic Church in Jamal. Bob Murphy was also the former music director and youth group leader of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the El Cajon where he played an active role in creating good and soothing music. Majority of his music in contemporary worship and praise genre was original but he is also popular for the stirring rendition of Centurion Song. This song is an excellent expression of the change of heart by Roman centurion on way to the Christ crucifixion. The first solo performance of this musician was held at the Holy Trinity only when he was 12 years old and he also sang at the masses as he was also known to perform at the different gatherings as it made it popular among the crowd. He felt that singing will make him come closer to god and for this he started singing to enjoy his life as a singer and songwriter.
Songwriter Bob Murphy was also a guitarist who dedicated his life in the path of god and his performances includes fundraisers because he felt music is a kind of prayer leading. He is a very renowned songwriter who worked on the path of god and felt that when he worked for the poor, he will be closer to god. He penned down some of the most popular songs so that people loved listening to his songs and it was popular among a large number of audiences as it is the best way of connecting with them.