Fun at My House

Once at my place we went into my lounge and I poured her a drink. I left for a minute and used the toilet. I didn’t want her to leave, but I was giving her one last out. Check out Pherazone. When I came back, she was still there.

We sat on the sofa with our drinks, and I pulled her over close to me and she immediately jumped me. She straddled me, and we started making out and as we were kissing, 1 was grabbing handfuls of her ass. Then I reached my hands around and the very edges of my fingers just so slightly touch her pussy through her underwear. I couldn’t believe it, but she started moaning, I mean really moaning. She was so fucking horny. I was being tentative about all this, thinking it was too fast, and this girl was moaning and grinding.

I was thinking fuck it, this is so on. Standing up with her still attached to my lap, I walked her into the bedroom. I threw her onto the bed and undressed as she scurried out of her own clothes. I moved her mouth towards my dick and she looked up nervously, ” don’t know. I’m not very good at this.”

”Oh, it’s okay just go ahead and try it,” I replied. I, of course, didn’t think of it at the time, since my mind was obviously elsewhere, but what she was actually doing was qualifying to me. She was placing me above her by being afraid that I would be disappointed at her lack of ability. It’s really comical when I think about it now. I wanted it so bad, and I loved it, and all the while she was thinking that she needed to prove something to me. Learn about Pherazone. This girl was a moaner. Everything I did to her brought like squeaks and moans. I hadn’t had sex or even jerked off in a week before her.

We lay there together for a while after the first time and then I did her again. It was even better the second time. We were both finally satiated, and I was so very pleased with myself. I was lying there thinking, “Oh my God I just fucked a twenty two year old!”

I looked at her lying on my bed, and she looked so young. She could pass for seventeen or eighteen. Her skin was taut and perfect, and she just had this dewy freshness about her that women lose with age. Learn about Pherazone. The last time I had fucked a twenty-two year old girl was when l was the same age myself——my wife. As I aged, so had she. Back then I didn’t mind or even keep track of the subtle signs of aging. Women lose that silky softness of their skin over time. The flat abs go soft and there’s just not that freshness about them any longer. Being with Tasanee was like re—1iving my youth, and it was fucking fantastic.

She told me then that she was from a very traditional Thai background and had only dated one guy before me back when she was eighteen. They’d had sex, but she literally hadn’t had sex for four years since. She said she had dated a few guys but hadn’t taken it that far with any of them. I had to ask her then, ”So what was the difference with me? You just met me and here you are in my bed wiping my cum off your face with a tissue.”

She said, ”I just knew… you were the one.”

I felt pretty good about that although, intellectually, I also knew that her age and hormones played a role. She was horny as the pressure of four years of celibacy caught up with her. She was also Asian, and Asian girls typically went for my type. We knew this and had talked.