For Those Using Pheromones

Every woman is different, so unfortunately there is no magic number of messages or specific amount pheromones to wait before you ask for her number. You simply wait until you have had a decent conversation where you have learned a little about each other with natural pheromones. Learn more at Check outguys who need a number here, waiting three or four days is usually about right. If you or her (or both) only log on and exchange one message per day though, it will be a little longer. If she responds with hesitation, saying that she’s not comfortable giving out her number, don’t panic. Keep the conversation going for a couple more days and then ask again. More often than not, if you don’t get the number on the first try, she will be happy to give it on the second request. If she denies you on the second try, she is almost certainly one of the online attention-seekers, and it’s usually best to cut your losses and move on to the next one. In my early forays into online dating with pheromones, I would spend weeks, sometimes even months exchanging messages with a single woman who came up with excuse after excuse whenever l suggested actually meeting in person. I would accept the excuses as reasonable and reassure myself that it was worth the wait. In retrospect, this was a tremendous waste of pheromones and energy. I have personally known several of these women. They normally create accounts for the sole purpose of using the never-ending flow of flattering messages as an ego-booster of pheromone production. Why is transitioning from online messages to text messages such an important step in the process anyway? When she is reading and responding to your messages on the website there is a good probability she is also reading and responding to several other guys each time she logs in. A conversation via texts, where she sees your real first name every time is personal form of pheromone communication. With the widespread use of mobile dating apps today, you may be asking yourself and doesn’t answer your request for her number with the fact that for all intents and purposes you two are already texting. Not once have I ever heard this when asking for a number. You have to remember that women are on these sites because they want guys to ask for their numbers. Don’t waste your time giving your number to a woman in a message. These women get plenty from creeps and this goes with pheromones. Note the use of “want” instead of “can’t”. This is an ultimatum so you have to frame it as a decision she gets to make. If she is actually too busy to find 15 minutes to meet for coffee, she is too busy to have any type of pheromone relationship. I have never had a single woman meet up after three requests. A few have agreed to the ultimatum, once I began employing it. Learn more about pheromones at