Best Buy Mattresses – Innerspring

The most marketed type of mattress has been an innerspring. There are plenty of designs, comfort levels, firmness levels and other features to choose from. An innerspring is also very budget friendly. If you are a shopper on a budget, it is guaranteed that no matter your budget, there is an innerspring mattress for you. If you are looking for a luxury mattress, an innerspring is also a wise choice because there are plenty to choose from. Our favorite innerspring luxury mattress is the saatva luxury firm mattress. You can find an in depth saatva mattress review at A brief summary of the review is that the mattress is very budget friendly while still being very comparable to other higher priced luxury mattresses.

When you are shopping for a mattress and you visit a store, chances are that you will not be able to make a decision on what to buy because of all the technical terms that you will be hearing from a salesman. Shopping for a mattress is very hard because it is not something that you will be using very seldom. If you think about it, you are going to spend a good chunk of your life on this mattress so you need to be able to choose one that is very comfortable, won’t give you a bad back and something that is within your budget. This is where an innerspring comes in. There are plenty of other types of mattresses such as latex, memory foams, air mattresses and more. However, we feel that the best combination of support and comfort can only be obtained on an innerspring mattress.

Regarding the prices of the different types of mattresses, there is no doubt that the best in terms of price per performance is an innerspring. A memory foam is slightly more expensive than an innerspring. A natural latex will cost you an arm and a leg. An air mattress is very cheap but in the long run, it is still a mechanical mattress and if something goes wrong, you will be looking at spending more to repair it. An innerspring is the most budget friendly. As we stated above, a good example is the saatva luxury firm mattress. It is a luxury mattress that is priced and less than $1000 for the queen size. That is very cheap if you compare it to other big name brands such as Stearns and Foster, Sealy and more.

All in all, we recommend an innerspring mattress because we really like the price and the performance at that given price point. If you are looking to replace a mattress or buy a new one for somebody, for a guest room or whatever, you really should look hard to the different innerspring mattresses that are available in the market.