Advanced Level Regression Hypnosis

I will be reviewing each of the major points that we have covered in the 20-module series that comprises that Advanced Level of this course. Here is a summary of the most important lessons and coordinates of past life regression that we have been able to examine at length in this part of the course: 1. Past life regression can be carried out using different techniques and like hypnosis, it can easily be adapted and appropriated depending on the needs of the client who has requested the regression in the first place.

If the regressionist is well-equipped and is ready for the long journey back to the spiritual plane, they can use the longer method of re-introducing the client to the plane of the past. Regressionists are often troubled by oppositional beliefs coming from the clients themselves. This is unavoidable and the best way to handle opposition is to gain the complete trust of the client and to emphasize that no harm will come regardless of the outcome of the regression itself. It is important that you explain to your client the nature of past life regression with an emphasis on the advantages or benefits of using past life regression to address personal issues that have been causing challenges for the longest time. Learn more about hypnosis at and http://hypnosistrainingonline.weebly.comThese tasks are not given directly to individuals the same way that we are able to receive and read email on our computers. Karma works through people and personal experiences and a person must be able to understand what they should do based on their own analysis of their life. This may sound a little unfair but this is how it has always been and it is not going to change anytime soon. The sixth and probably the most important spiritual principle of all is that the human spirit innately has free will. This free will is given to each and every person who has ever breathed, lived and died on this Earth. What we do with this free will depends entirely on what each person thinks is the best for himself or herself. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to free will. Free will is a permanent state of being; it cannot be taken away from a soul any more than we can stop karma from functioning in our daily lives. During regression it is very important that you also analyze how your client utilizes their ability to make choices for themselves. Making choices and decisions for oneself is a direct function of free will. If a person is not utilizing free will effectively, there are often dire consequences waiting for them either in their present life or in the next one. These spiritual principles form the core of the practice of regression. They are the guideposts that allow regressionists to work with consistency and confidence. Study them closely and try to utilize them so that you will have a deeper and richer understanding of past life regression. Learn more at